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IDDSI Hall of Appreciation

The following is a non-exhaustive list of individuals around the world who have contributed to IDDSI implementation through document translations, webinar presentations and other activities. 
Last updated: April 30, 2023

Name Recognized for:
Deborah Martinussen, Jean Helps, Peter Lam, Robert Moulson, Ellen Andrews, John Holahan, Ron Shalit, Kelly Munro "The on-going devotion and support provided from this group of volunteers. Continuing to promote IDDSI as best practice across Canada and beyond."
Antonio Amitrano "[As the] President of SID (Italian Dysphagia Society), [Antonio] promotes the culture of IDSSI in conferences, training courses in the field, university teaching. [Antonio] shares this new culture with every professional figure involved in the field of dysphagia, and in all places of care."
Luis Riquelme "[His] Leadership and support in Latinoamerica."
Ellen Andrews "Completing the translation of IDDSI resources to French language.  Volunteering for a multitude of projects for CIRG.  Regularly attending the CIRG meetings with enthusiasm.  Thank you."
Virginie Ruglio, Marion Girod-Roux "Developing and translating the entire IDDSI library into French and incredible leadership in IDDSI promotion in Europe."
Mershen Pillay "Continuous support of the IDDSI cause."
Alejandra Peláez Cruz, Lida Johana González Avella, María Eugenia Miranda Hernández, Roodly Katherine Parada Ospina, Sandra Liliana Sosa Sabogal, Stefanny Lorena Carrero Valbuena "The [Colombian IDDSI Reference Group] recognizes the work that this group does to disseminate the use of IDDSI in hospitalized patients."
Laura Brooks, Nina Guiliani "Laura is already in the Hall of Appreciation for IRG but has put tremendous effort in starting the PEDIRG acting as co-chair and supporting IDDSI Implementation at many Levels.
Nina was a member of Canada IRG - acting as secretary but has moved to leading a subcommittee of the PEDIRG."
Karen Sheffler, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S "Karen has been instrumental in keeping our USIRG groups on track, inter-connected and updated with the  International IRG activities. Of course, her passion for IDDSI has been for a very long time and her open mind has evolved along with the IDDSI evolution. Absolutely has been the glue for our USA success!"
Adi Nidam, Mor Meinhardt, Maayan Mellul, Ayala Cohen "We wholeheartedly endorse Adi Nidam - dietitian, Mor Meinhardt - dietitian, Maayan Mellul - speech and
 language therapist - and Ayala Cohen - speech and language therapist - for their unwavering commitment to supporting the implementation of IDDSI in Israel. 

Their efforts to raise awareness and promote the IDDSI framework have been invaluable. They helped organising workshops for healthcare professionals from a range of settings, including hospitals, home care, and community health. These workshops aim to enhance the quality and safety of food by adhering to IDDSI standards while preserving its nutritional value.

Their persistent efforts have been instrumental in realizing the successful implementation of the IDDSI framework in Israel."
Latefa Rashed, Mouza Lootah, Dr. Moataz Alzeyat, Ohoud Ali Alhammadi, Asma Zaydan, Ohoud Ahemd, Khansaa Omar, Marwa Alhilali, Ched Ahmed, Israa Aljunaibai, Khadija Alameeri, Amritha Potty, Salsabeel Muhammas, Basma Kamel, Roua Abdelrahman, Shaikha Eissa Ahmed, Noura Kareem Abdalla, Raymart Quiocho Rimando, Dr. Amal Ramzy, :  Shaikha Eisa Ahmed AlMughanni AlNaqbi, Mariam Dabbus, Alya Buyaraba, Roaa Yasser Malas, Aman Mohamed Khaleel AlHalawani, Asma Hassan Ahmed Aldiqqi, Chef Joy Joseph, Chef Mohammed Ali, Chef Malik Illoul,   "Contributing to implementing IDDSI, conducting awareness sessions for dysphagia standards in northern emirates, as well as contributing to the translating of the IDDSI official documents."
Dora Babić Cikoš, Dora Bučan Nenadić, Nikolina Buterin, Ana Celić, Anamarija Jurin, Ela Kolak, Petra Mihaljević, Marija Selak, Antea Žaja "Volunteering in translation of IDDSI into Croatian language" and in recognition of "IDDSI Croatia members and associates [who] have helped with the translation."
Pouran Bagherpour Being the "first user of IDDSI in Azerbaijan."
Renata Mancopes, Cynthia Godoy, Fatima Lago Their leadership of the Brazilian IDDSI Reference Group. 
Renata Mancopes, Nara Lopes, Camila Prim, Cristiane Galbeno Rama, Nathalia Laganaro, Ricardo Guilherme Viebig, Roberto Dantas, Ivo Prolla, Vanessa Giglio, Fatima Lago Their work as part of the Translation Group for the Brazilian IDDSI Reference Group.
Cynthia Godoy, Jose Ribamar do Nascimento Junior, Monica Joyce Ferreira, Giana dos S. Rosa, Nara Lopes, Helayne Maieves, Jaqueline Alves de Pontes Their work as part of the Brazilian IDDSI Reference Group's Implementation Group.
Renata Mancopes, Fabiane Garcia, Aline Ferla Their work as part of the Social Media and Communications Group for the Brazilian IDDSI Reference Group.
Rumi Wang, Jianshe Chen, Jie Huang, Qiaojun Zhang, Feng Lin, Xiu’en Chen, Yu Yin, Min Tang, Qianqian Yu, Sophia Zhang, Zhen Zhang, Xiaodan Li, Hong Chen, Hui Feng, Yiyang Shen, Lili Jiao, Nuo Li, Min Peng "The members of CNIRG nominated have dedicated themselves to the translation and implementation of IDDSI in China throughout 2022. Specifically these members completed an updated translation of IDDSI guideline to better fit the unique social culture of mainland China, and organized monthly updates on social media platform, WeChat, to initiate education of IDDSI to healthcare professionals as well as the general public. "
Karen Chan, Elaine Kwong "Thank you for providing your doctoral candidate, Denise Mae Chua, at our last meeting. It was a serendipitous meeting since she has been assisting with building the Philippines IRG."
Markus Bittmann "Markus Bittmann is a dietary and culinary chef in one of Austrias pioneerings hospital implementing IDDSI a working together with Silke Pirker Neuwirth. He supports the DACH Group by coleading the "implementation" group and recently joined the DACH board meeting. Additionally he holds workshops in other austrian hospitals and spreads the word about IDDSI. we are very happy to have Markus as leading chef in Austria supporting IDDSI."
Barbara Vogrinčič "Barbara Vogrinčič is nominated as the initiator of the IDDSI adoption and implementation in the Slovenian Clinical environment and the  the first author of IDDSI Framework translation into Slovenian" and "For her unwavering will to improve clinical practice and an introduction of the IDDSI initiative to the Slovenian clinical environment."
Claire Matthews "Team Leader of the environmental scan group to conduct an environmental scan to determine current IDDSI implementation needs"
Lisa Sossen "Team leader of the operational group. She leads the mashed potato project to provide guidelines and recommendations around mashed potatoes."
Kevin Dunne "Active participation in the mashed potato project, trialled many ways to cook mashed potatoes to provide guidelines and recommendations around mashed potatoes."
Varanya Techasukthavorn, Pattra Wattanapan, Benjamas Prathanee "IDDSI has been translated to Thai and officially launched in January 2021 by this group of volunteers. Preparation of implementation is underway in the collaboration of multidisciplinary teams."
Preston Walker "In my opinion Preston has help to change the attitudes towards pureed and altered consistency diets, bringing and applying essential catering techniques into altered consistency diets, to in many way revolutionise the way we prepare ACDs and inspiring people to experiment more with ACDs, which will have helped countless individuals. Prior to meeting Preston I only thought you could use prescribed thickeners in pureed diet, he has revolutionised my way of approaching pureed diets, to help inspire others on a daily basis."
Daniel Popescu "He works hard every day to provide for elderly people which are in IDDSI diet demonstrate how big is the love for dedicated work which he provide."
Vanessa Chan "Team leader for the Australia IDDSI Reference Group."
Janne Schack and the Dorset Healthcare NHS Trust Dysphagia training team "Janne Schack, Dysphagia lead and the dysphagia training team were instrumental in implementing the IDDSI descriptors 10 years ago. Without the dysphagia training team taking a lead on updating the community hospitals, training the team, changing the literature etc there is no doubt the community team would have not been able to implement IDDSI so completely and sufficiently within our Dorset Healthcare NHS adult community SALT service. They worked tirelessly to get IDDSI implemented for us and the responsibility fell to them to make sure we were compliant and fully informed, it was a big task for them and they did this diligently, passionately and with enthusiasm."
We would also like to thank the following individuals and groups, who took the time out of their schedules to recognize the work done by our volunteers.

Alessandra Pavan
Amber Capotosto
Carlos Manzano
Colombian IDDSI Reference Group
Debbie Martinussen
Dora Bučan Nenadić
Ellen Andrews
Fernando Garcia
Janice Duivestein
Josefa Kachal
Marija Selak
Mary Rybicki, MS, RDN, LDN
Michal Gershoni Kait
Michal Kreiter
Mouza Lootah
Oshrat Sella Weiss
Petra Mihaljević
Pouran Bagherpour
Renata Mancopes
Rumi Wang
Russell deJesus
Simon Sollereder
Tina Pogorelčnik
Vanessa Chan
Varanya Techasukthavorn


Reference Groups

Country Name
Australia Julie Cichero


Björn Degen
Christoph Palli
Lothar Krause
Michaela Trapl-Grundschober
Simon Sollereder
Silke Pirker-Neuwirth
Brazil Cristiane Galbeno 
Fátima Lago
Renata Mancopes
Canada Amber Capotosto
Stephanie Dion
China Huang Shaochun
Jianshe Chen
Ping Fu
Qiaojun Zhang
Rumi Wang
Germany Matthias Kraemer
Greece Leonidas Kozyrakis
Panagiotis Bardis
Hong Kong Elaine Kwong
Karen Chan
India Mansi Jagtap
Rinki Varindani Desai
Italy Carlo Pedrelli
Luciana Andrini
Israel Josefa Kachal
Michal Kait
Michal Kraiter
Oshrat Sella Weiss
Malaysia Esther Tuin
Faith Ng
Norway Martin Brierley
Poland Barbara Jamróz 
Joanna Chmielewska 
Magdalena Milewska 
Singapore Singapore Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Committee and Sub-teams 
South Africa Annelize Prinsloo 
Mershen Pillay  
Sweden Jenny McGreevy 
Sara Dahlström 
Taiwan Ann Chen 
Cristiane Hsu 
Nina Cheng  
Thailand Benjamas Prathanee
Pattra Wattanapan
Varanya Techasukthavorn 
United Kingdom Ben Hanson 
James Ball 
Preston Walker 
United States of America Alla Mehl
Amanda Demane
Barbara Pauloski
Jacqueline Santaroce
John Holahan
Karen Sheffler
Katrina Woodward
Laura Brooks
Luis Riquelme
Margaret Roche
Mary Casper
Mary Rybicki
Melissa Naiman
Nicole Barrett
Rebecca Politis
Sarah Russell
Sheryl Lozicki
Tim Garry
Vickie Berquist


Language Name Credit


Ragda Barakat
Mounira Qleibo Zamamiri
Ramia Geries
Yulia Hourani Mereb

  • Webinar presentation


Nuria Oriol

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods

Chinese (Traditional and Simplified)

香港大学吞咽研究所 (副教授 / 言语治疗师)

陈建设 (教授)

国立台湾大学医学院附设医院 (注册营养师)

国立台湾大学医学院附设医院 (注册营养师)
台湾咀嚼吞咽障碍医学学会 (常务理事)

马偕医学院听力暨语言治疗学系 (助理教授 / 语言治疗师)

香港理工大学中文及双语学系 (助理教授 / 言语治疗师)

新加坡中央医院 (语言言语治疗师)

新加坡中央医院 (语言言语治疗师)

新加坡理工大学 / 新加坡中央医院 (副教授 / 语言言语治疗师)


  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
  • Webinar presentation
Chinese (Traditional Chinese)

Cristiane Hsu
Nina Cheng
Anne Chen

  • Webinar presentation


Anne-Sophie Beeckman
Hanneke Kalf
Anne Ruizendaal

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Kit Werner
Sarah Russell
Lisa Duizer
Stephanie Finch
Allie Stephen
Sophie Palmer
John Holahan
Ellen Andrews
Peter Lam
Catriona Steele
Luis Riquelme
Joseph Murray
Julie Cichero
Amy Ryan
Anna Miles
Liz Beaglehole
Joan Arvedson

  • Webinar Presentation


Sima Farour 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods

French (Canada)

Catriona M. Steele
Monique Bois
Stephanie Dion
Heather Flowers
Danielle Gilbert
Bernise Hachey
Gabrielle Trépanier

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
French (Canada)

Annick Côté, 
Lise Spence
Marie-Josée Tessier

  • Webinar presentation

French (Europe)

Virginie Ruglio
Marion Girod Droux
Didier Bleek

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Matthias Kraemer
Björn Degen
Christian Ledl
Silke Pirker-Neuwirth
Simon Sollereder
Michaela Trapl-Grundschober
Talitha Broersma
Verena A. Wonsikowski

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
  • Webinar presentation


Panagiotis Bardis
Leonidas Kozyarkis

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Aviah Gvion
Ayala Cohen
Michal Kreiter

  • Webinar presentation

Orly Bergerson Bitton
Oshrat Sella
Yosefa Kahal

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Anubhooti Nagar 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Frida Run Thordadottir 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Luciana Andrini

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Kotomi Sakai SLP, MPH, Ph.D  
Yoshiaki Ihara DDS, Ph.D 
Jin Magara DDS, Ph.D
Mari Nakao MD, MA, Ph.D

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods

Ayano Nagano RN, MSN
Jin Magara DDS, Ph.D 
Akio Shimizu RD, MSc
Anna Sasa  SLP
Rie Goto OTR
Miwa Yamamoto SLP, BA
Keizo Takahashi, SLP, Ph.D
Kazuko Tamura SLP, BA
Reiko Fujihara SLP
Mari Nakao MD, MA, Ph.D

  • Webinar presentation


Martin T Brierley 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Magdalena Milewska
Barbara Jamróz
Joanna Chmielewska - Walczak

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
Portuguese (Brazil)

Cristiane Galbeno Rama

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
Portuguese (Portugal) Fernando Garcia
  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods
Punjabi Reena Parhar
  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Ekaterina Bruno
Olga Johnson
Alexandra Soyfer

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Barbara Vogrinčič
Tina Pogorelčnik

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods

Natalia Badilla Ibarra

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods V1 + V2
Spanish Maria Centeno
  • Webinar presentation


Alice Temu 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods

Sara Dahlström
Jenny McGreevy

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Varanya Techasukthavorn 
Pattra Wattanapan
Benjamas Prathanee

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Muge Muzeyyen 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Nhất Ngo

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods


Zandile Peter 

  • Translation of IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods