Current Implementation Status

The organization of the first list of contacts is in progress.

Reference Group


Primary Contacts
  • Renata Mancopes 
  • Cristiane Galbeno 
  • Fátima Lago 
Contact Email Brazil
Registry The primary group is confirmed. After translation is ready (early 2021) it is planned to open to volunteers to build an expanded group.
Country-Specific Resources In Progress
Other information

Upcoming talks or events related to IDDSI happening in Brazil:

  • MARÇO/2021 – CITEN (Fátima/Renata)
  • MARÇO/2021 – Course Fonocozinhando ( Christiane)
  • ABRIL/2021 – SIDISNUTRI (Fátima/Renata – international lecture to be confirmed, waiting for Sponsor’s answer)
  • ABRIL/2021 – Book release:  Manual de Terapia Nutricional da Braspen 
  • JUNHO/2021 – Renata will teach in a Course in Peru 
  • JUNHO/2021 – Ganepão 
  This information was last updated on January 2021.