We are a group of volunteers from Nepal who began to work to increase professional competency, develop protocols, and implement IDDSI standardization. Our ASLP (Audiologist & Speech-pathologist) works in broad settings. We would appreciate more guidance and support and welcome any potential volunteers of all disciplines to collaborate, facilitate, support, and foster IDDSI implementation. 

Volunteers wanted! If you are interested in joining, please contact: 
Description of current IDDSI Implementation Status

We have initiated moving forward to improve the field of swallowing management for the past few years.

Reference Group

An IDDSI reference group is currently being assembled in Nepal. If you are interested to participate in the Nepal IDDSI reference group, please contact:


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Contact Email Nepal or contact :
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Primary Contacts

Binay Kant Chaudhary
Prabha Dawadee

  This information was last updated May 2023.