2018 e-bites

Every month, we publish our newsletter where we tackle FAQs, update the IDDSI community on global implementation, new translations, webinars and sponsorships.

  • December 2018: Happy Holidays from the IDDSI Board, South Africa and Belgium in Action, IDDSI Around the World, Webinars and more...
  • October 2018: Official launch date for IDDSI in USA and Territories, FNCE 2018, New Level 7 Regular Easy to Chew and more
  • September 2018: International Survey Result Level 6, Tracking IDDSI around the world, New Resources, New Webinars and more
  • August 2018: Science behind Testing Methods, Copyright, Greek translation, webinars, and more
  • July 2018: Where to find Resources, IDDSI Quiz, and more
  • June 2018: Important information Level 5, Level 6 survey, updates on syringes and more
  • May 2018: IDDSI FAQs, Bread, the IDDSI challenge, and more
  • April 2018: IDDSI Implementation guides, webinars, and more
  • March 2018: IDDSI Implementation, forums and more
  • February 2018: Webinars, IDDSI publications and more
  • January 2018: First 2018 IDDSI e-Bite: Resources, FAQs, and Translations