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Patient Handouts

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IDDSI has created these handouts in consultation with clinicians and patients. The handouts can be used by people who have feeding, chewing or swallowing problems, their caregivers and clinicians. There are separate handouts that have been designed for adults, and handouts that have been designed for use with babies and children. The handouts provide easy-to-read information about the IDDSI levels and their testing methods. The food levels also include examples of foods for each level, and food textures to avoid.


French (Europe)

Adults Updated
Niveau 0 - Liquide   Nov 2021
Niveau 1 - Très légèrement épais Nov 2021
Niveau 2 - Légèrement épais  Nov 2021
Niveau 3 - Modérément épais  Nov 2021
Niveau 3 - Liquéfié   Nov 2021
Niveau 4 - Mixé   Nov 2021
Niveau 4 - Très épais   Nov 2021
Niveau 5 - Finement haché et lubrifié  Nov 2021
Niveau 6 - Petits morceaux tendres Nov 2021

Niveau 7 - Facile à mastiquer

Nov 2021

Niveau 7 - Normal 

Nov 2021

Textures evolutives 

Nov 2021

Tous niveaux  

Nov 2021

Qu'est-ce que l'IDDSI?  

Nov 2021