2020 e-bites

Every month, we publish our newsletter where we tackle FAQs, update the IDDSI community on global implementation, new translations, webinars and sponsorships.

  • December 2020: Happy Holidays from IDDSI
  • November 2020: Around the Globe Updates, Reference Groups and Virtual Events
  • October 2020: Translation Acknowledgements
  • September 2020: Special Feature on Level 4-Puree
  • August 2020: National/Regional IDDSI Reference Groups, Quebec institutions issue support statement for IDDSI
  • July 2020: Audit Tools, German and Chinese Translations
  • June 2020: Guidelines for creating materials about IDDSI, FAQs on Temperature and Transitional Foods
  • May 2020: Updated Test Cards and Posters
  • April 2020: Canadian IDDSI Reference Group
  • March 2020: A Message from the IDDSI Board of Directors re: COVID-19
  • February 2020: Is IDDSI Mandatory?, What Level to Recommend?, Beware IDDSI Certification Claims
  • January 2020: IDDSI Flow Test Funnel, Syringe Availability