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Translations of the IDDSI Framework and Testing Methods are thanks to the work of volunteers around the world. In order to take into account differences within a language and allow the translated version to be broadly understood and accepted, we post the draft translation for a period of 3 months to allow review and feedback on the translation from peers.

Important: Version 1.0 does not include Level 7 Easy to Chew. An updated Version 2.0 for these languages is being translated in the near future.

Framework/ Descriptors Testing Methods Version
Azerbaijani  Azerbaijani  2.0
Chinese (Traditional)  Chinese (Traditional)  2.0
Chinese (Simplified)  Chinese (Simplified)  2.0
Croatian  Croatian  2.0
Danish  Danish  2.0
Dutch  Dutch  2.0
Farsi  Farsi  1.0
French   French 2.0
German  German  2.0
Greek  Greek  2.0
Hebrew  Hebrew  2.0
Italian  Italian  2.0
Japanese  Japanese  1.0
Latvian  Latvian  2.0
Norwegian   Norwegian  2.0
Portuguese (Brazil)  Portuguese (Brazil)  2.0
Portuguese (Portugal)  Portuguese (Portugal)  2.0
Russian  Russian  2.0
Spanish  Spanish  2.0
Slovenian  Slovenian  2.0
Swahili  Swahili  1.0
Swedish  Swedish  2.0
Thai  Thai  2.0
Vietnamese  Vietnamese  2.0
Interested in translating a language that is not on this list?

The time commitment is approximately 3-6 months for initial translation, followed by a 3-month Peer Review period where the draft documents are posted on this website. Once feedback is collected and necessriy changes are made to the draft docuements. 

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