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Current Implementation Status

Please fill out this survey for IDDSI's US & Territories IDDSI Reference Group (USTIRG).

We would like to know where you are at along the continuum of awareness to eventual adoption of IDDSI.
How are you doing with IDDSI implementation?

Thank you for your participation in the survey, as this will help guide USTIRG's efforts to assist you and to develop resources to foster IDDSI implementation around the US & Territories.

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Reference Group

The United States & Territories IDDSI Reference Group (USTIRG) was formed in November 2020.  Over 245 applications were received and to date, 162 volunteers have committed to help guide, foster, advocate, facilitate and support implementation of IDDSI in the United States and Territories over the next one to two years.   The USTIRG will have 6 work teams focusing on:

Work Teams Leadership Contact Info
Primary Contacts/ Team Oversight John Holahan
Peter Lam
Luis Riquelme
Implementation/ Advocacy Amanda Demane
Sarah Russell
Education/ Training Melissa Naiman
Sheryl Lozicki
Communication/ Newsletters Alla Mehl
Katrina Woodward
Laura Brooks
Resource Collection/ Development Mary Casper Email
Utilization/ Guidance/ Best Practice Margaret Roche Email
Research/ Data Collection Barbara Pauloski
Jacqueline Santaroce

Learn more about these committees.

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