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Q: Is IDDSI mandatory?
Implementation of IDDSI is not mandatory and the IDDSI Board of Directors has always been clear that while we hope the global community will embrace IDDSI for the safety of those with dysphagia, it is not mandatory. That being said, some countries, regions or health authorities may mandate adoption to ensure consistent implementation of IDDSI. 

Q: Does IDDSI certify or offer certification or endorsement of products?
A: IDDSI has received several inquiries about whether products, educational courses, consulting/testing services, laboratories are certified or endorsed by IDDSI.  Some recent advertisements, products/services and websites have included the IDDSI logo along with claims such as ‘IDDSI certified’, ‘IDDSI compliant’ or ‘IDDSI third-party tested’ leading consumers to think that they have been specially endorsed or approved by IDDSI.
For clarification, IDDSI  DOES NOT  certify, endorse, test, approve or promote any specific products or services.  IDDSI’s primary goal is to foster and promote the use of the IDDSI framework, standardised terminology and testing methods to improve safety, for all ages, all care settings and all cultures.
We kindly ask all IDDSI users, companies, organisations/societies, education services to help us to maintain one central source for IDDSI information from the IDDSI website (www.iddsi.org). If you are referencing any materials from IDDSI, please make sure to include information to direct your audiences back to the IDDSI website.