Top 3 Priorities:
  1. Conduct environmental scan to determine current IDDSI implementation needs
  2. Develop user-friendly resources – focus on interpretation of testing. Focus on fluids to start.
  3. Adapt/ Modify educational materials for targeted stakeholder areas
Volunteers wanted! If you are interested in joining, please contact
Current Implementation Status

Australia has formally transitioned from the Australian National Standardised terminology and definitions for texture modified foods and thickened liquids to IDDSI. IDDSI has been implemented in Australia since May 2019.  Many thanks to the Australian IDDSI Steering Committee for guiding a successful IDDSI implementation :

  • Chair: Phil Juffs (DAA)
  • Trish Johnson (SPA)
  • Natalie Stapleton
  • Bridget Spokes (DAA)
  • John Boland
  • Robert Berry (IHHC)
  • Jane Winter
  • Laura Ross
  • Matilda Mulgrave (NestlĂ© Health Sciences)
  • Brenda Mosel
  • Mike Tristram (Precise ThickN)
  • Alex Ross
  • Cathie Watts (Flavour Creations)
  • Julie Cichero (IDDSI International and Australian Project Officer)
Reference Group

Australia IDDSI reference group (AUIRG) was formed in June 2021. We are currently recruiting volunteers to help guide, foster, advocate, facilitate and support implementation of IDDSI in Australia.  If you are interested in joining, please contact

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  This information was last updated November 2021.